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What type of city is GWALIOR?

In central India, Gwalior is a city in the northern state of Madhya Pradesh. It is located about 75 miles (120 km) south of Agra. Gwalior is a cultural, industrial and political center and its name is derived from the historic rock fort that forms the center of the city.

Gwalior is famous for the ancient iconic Gwalior Fort, which is perched on a sandstone plateau. It houses the Gujari Mahal Palace, an archaeological museum dating back to the 15th century. Gwalior is also famous for its many other palaces and temples like Sas Bahu Ka Mandir.

GWALIOR Ranked 7710th (TOP 83%) in World’s Best Places to Live and 118th Best Live able City in India and 4th Best Live able City in Madhya Pradesh. With an estimated population of 1.07 million, Gwalior is the 46th largest city in India

Is Gwalior the most polluted city?

A recent World Health Organization report revealed that Gwalior is the most polluted city in India in terms of air pollution. The report also suggests that the Indian population living outside Kashmir and the Himalayan belt is exposed to air pollution exceeding.

Can the population of GWALIOR be counted on the fingers?

If you are trying to count it on your fingers, you said no at all, I can’t count it.

Although the city of Gwalior has a population of 1,069,276; its urban/metropolitan population is 1,117,740, of which 596,697 are males and 521,043 are females.

The population of Gwalior in 2022 is only estimated. No official census is being conducted for 2022. The next census of Gwalior – Madhya Pradesh will be held in 2021. Now we have discussed some of the most important and visited places and cities located in Madhya Pradesh Gwalior. Now take a broad view.

Indore City

Population 2011 Male Female Population Below
5 Years
Literacy Rate

Bhopal City

Population 2011 Male Female Population Below
5 Years
Literacy Rate

Gwalior City

Population 2011 Male Female Population Below
5 Years
Literacy Rate

Gwalior city is governed by a municipal corporation which also falls under the Gwalior metropolitan area.

Gwalior became an important tourist attraction in central India, while many industries and administrative offices emerged in the city. It became an agglomeration of millions before the end of the 20th century and is now a metropolitan city in central India.

Being a smart city, special provision will be made for smart services such as uninterrupted water and electricity supply with smart consumer metering, underground telecommunication and electricity cabling, city gas distribution network, rainwater drainage system including rainwater harvesting.


After writing this article, I am sure that this city is really a beautiful place that every person wants to discover or visit. In this article we have discussed about the population of GWAILOR and it was right that this city is very populous in India. We can give you a quick tour of the residents of this city, so read it carefully and patiently to get some information; it will be covered in this quick and short article.

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