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What is your review of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India?

Gwalior is known to be one of the best places in India to visit. This place attracts tourists from all over the world. Gwalior is a city located in Madhya Pradesh state in central India. There are many places of tourist attractions in Gwalior. You should definitely take some time off and plan a trip to this beautiful place in India. Here we have compiled a list of interesting facts about Gwalior.

These are some facts about Gwalior that you probably did not know before!

  • Gwalior was founded in 1336 AD by the Bundela ruler Durlabhadeva
  • In 1739 AD, the Maratha Empire’s Peshwa Bajirao I defeated the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan at the Battle of Panipat
  • The city was named after the Gwalior Fort built by King Bhimdev II in 1441 AD
  • The fort is said to have been constructed using only pure gold
  • Gwalior Fort is often referred to as India’s Taj Mahal due to its architectural beauty
  • The fort is considered to be the seventh wonder of the world
  • In 1984, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi decided to build a nuclear reactor here
  • It had a cost of Rs 5,000 crore ($833 million) but was never completed
  • The project was canceled in 1985 due to protests
  • The state government plans to revive the project in 2017
  • There were reports that the construction work started again last year
  • The government claims the project would generate power worth $4 billion

There are many places to visit in Gwalior. Here are some of them:

Gwalior is also a popular tourist destination in India and attracts thousands of tourists across the year. There are various places worth visiting in Gwalior like Govind Dev Ji

Temple, Chitrakoot Wildlife Sanctuary, Daulatabad Fort, Shikargah, and several others. The famous temple complex of Khajuraho is situated around 100 km away from the city. Below you can see a list of places you must visit in Gwalior

  • Gwalior Fort – Located in the heart of the city, this fort was built in 1724 by Maharaja Jai Singh It is one of the best examples

of Mughal architecture.

  • Gwalior Museum – This museum houses a collection of paintings, sculptures, weapons, and other
  • Gwalior Mahadev Temple – This temple is dedicated to Lord It is believed that the idol of Mahadev was brought from Mount Kailash.
  • Gwalior Lake – This lake is surrounded by beautiful gardens and Gwalior is home to many birds.
  • Gwalior Bagh – This park is situated near Gwalior There are many temples and mosques in this area.
  • Gwalior Palace – This palace is located in the center of the Gwalior palace was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh.
  • Gwalior Zoo – This zoo is home to various animals including lions, tigers, bears, monkeys,
  • Gwalior Haat – This market sells clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, and food

Important Festivals & things to try and do in Gwalior, Madya Pradesh

Tansen live event

This is a yearly occasion to respect the music legend Tansen, who was the child of the city. You can experience numerous unmistakable performers and individuals of note at this live concert. Likewise, the celebration is a melodic method for uncovering failed remembered traditional tunes.

Gwalior festival

The Gwalior festival is facilitated by the MP the travel industry office to include the rich neighborhood culture. It is held in the long stretch of December consistently and is an extraordinary method for enjoying customary food, dance, music, and history.

Gwalior yearly exchange fair

On the off chance that you are visiting Gwalior during winter, you can likewise go to the yearly exchange fair. You can get the best arrangements on looking for customary apparel, expressions, and furniture.

What should be done in Gwalior?

Go for a legacy stroll, covering the locales worked during the tenth 100 years. It incorporates Gwalior Stronghold, Saas-bahu mandir, Mansingh Royal residence, Information Bandi Chor Gurudwara, and Gopachal Parvat.

Go to plays at Natya Mandir

You can likewise get a slip to look into the Gwalior culture by going to the plays at Natya Mandir in the Daal Market region. The vast majority of the shows are old stories intended to advance neighborhood specialists.

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