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7 places to visit in Shillong: Number 3 is people’s favorite

If I will tell you India is the richest country in the world, would you believe it?
I am sure you won’t believe it, but I was not talking in terms of money. I was talking in terms of culture, tradition, people, values, and nature. From sandy beaches to snowy mountains, from dense forests to high-tech cities, everything present in this vast country.

One of the best place in India that offers you such an experience is Meghalaya, a north-east state of India. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya that is always ready to offer you the best tourist experience that you ever wanted.

Visiting Meghalaya is awesome and there are countless untoched places to visit in Meghalaya, but exploring its capital city is the next level of awesomeness. So, to assist you all I am going to show you the 7 best places to visit in Shillong.

1. Police Bazaar

police bazaar of shillong

Starting with the very first visit to the main market of Shillong which is “Police Bazaar” where you could find lots of things from food to shopping.

Enjoy the roadside food of Police Bazaar with a staggering taste. Many famous restaurants and food cafes are nested inside it. If your goal is to eat some dishes that are specially prepared in Meghalaya then here you can find local and traditional food of Khasi people.

The nightlife is so wonderful here and the place is very crowded. Traffic jam is very common in Shillong and many a time it takes hours to clear. If you are riding with your bike then there is a trapezium-shaped parking space present beside the intersection that provides parking for the bikes which would cost you 10Rs/hour for parking.

2. Umiam Lake

When you were coming from Guwahati, you would have seen this amazing man-made lake which is nearly 15 km prior to Shillong. this lake is Umiam Lake also known as Barapani Lake, One of the best lakes in Meghalaya to enjoy its beauty and it attracts so many tourists because of its scenic view.

Umiam lake will also offer the opportunity for boating. So if you want to enjoy the best version of this enchanting lake then you can book a boat for yourself. The boating cost depends upon the type of boat you are choosing like the cheapest would be of riverboat costing Rs 75/10 min and it will accommodate 20 members. The costliest boat is Houseboat costing Rs 1500 for 24 hours and can accommodate 5-6 adults.

3. Elephant Falls

one of the best place to visit in shillong is elephant falls

It is a waterfall that is situated in a place called 8th mile in Shillong and it is very near to Air Force station Shillong. Elephant fall is one of an astounding falls that you will see in Meghalaya.

Khasi people named this waterfall ad “KA KSHAID PATENG KHOHSIEW” which means three steps waterfall. But, later Britishers changed its name to “Elephant falls” and till now people are using the same name.

It is a perfect example of natural beauty and this beauty cannot be accurately captured in cameras. So visiting here and enjoy the scenic view with your own eyes is the best way to explore it.

4. Shillong Peak

Shillong peak is the highest peak of Meghalaya

Shillong Peak is the highest peak in the whole of Meghalaya. If you want a scenic view of the whole of Shillong city then this peak will not fail to make your mind happy.

Shillong peak is situated in the outskirts of the city and controlled by Indian Air Force. So, due to security reasons, foreigners are not allowed to visit it. Otherwise, if you are an Indian citizen then by showing your original identity proof you will be allowed.

The entry fees are 30 Rs per person and if you are going with a vehicle then 30 Rs per vehicle would be charged.

5. Don Bosco Museum

Don Bosco Museum is one of the best tourist attractions in Shillong situated not more than 3 km from the bus stand of Shillong. This 7 storey museum is in the shape of a hexagon filled with Art, culture, researches, history, and traditions.

If you are History and Social studies lover then this museum could be a gift for you and this will show you all the information’s about all the three (Khasi, Garo, Jaintia) tribes of Meghalaya. Their culture, Tradition, and many other things are displayed here.

6. Wards Lake

Wards Lake is a man-made lake that was made during the British era. The lake consists of a pathway in the form of a bridge made in the center of the lake starting from one end of the lake and ending to the other side, providing a specially enchanting look to the whole area.

Many tourists could be seen clicking their pictures on this bridge and now it’s your time to visit this place for your Instagrammable pictures.

Just like Umiam lake, wards lake will also offer you an opportunity to boating. Enjoy your boating experience here and it will cost you 50Rs for 45 Minutes.

7. Mary help of Christians Cathedral (Church).

Biggest church of Meghalaya

Nearly 80% population of Shillong is of the Christianity religion, So the church is the obvious thing you could find it here. Countless churches present not only in Shillong but in the whole state of Meghalaya.

Mary’s help of the Christian cathedral is the biggest church in Meghalaya. Spending here a few times will relax your senses. the best part about church is silence and if you really want to find your inner person then you are welcomed here.

Note that cameras are not allowed inside the church so when you visit don’t shoot anything with your camera.


The above article will show you nearly all the main tourist attractions of Shillong. All the costs and charges are also presented for your reference. If your plan is to visit just Shillong city then this article will surely gonna help you a lot to enjoy your trip.

If you want to visit the whole state of Meghalaya then there are many astounding places to visit in Meghalaya. But make sure that you plan your trip for nearly one week because that will help you to cover the main attractions of Meghalaya.

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