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Places to visit in Meghalaya: Cover all of them in one week

Ever thought why this state name is Meghalaya?

A simple meaning of Meghalaya is “Abode of clouds”. Meghalaya is the only state in India where you will see clouds (Megh in Hindi) walking beside you on the roads. Some people consider it as fogs but they are not fog they are actual clouds or natural clouds. I know it is hard to believe, clouds on roads? Seriously? But, you will start believing when visit this amazing state.

Many tourists visit Meghalaya for different reasons, some visit to see the clouds, some  people visit to see nature, some visit to do hiking and trekking on mountains and some nomads visit to explore new places, tribes & traditional food. So, be clear in your mind that why you are visiting Meghalaya because it can give you a lot that you would not able to take away all of them.

How to Reach Shillong?

  1. Train:
    Shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya and to plan your entire journey of Meghalaya try to make Shillong as your central hub. The nearest railway station to Shillong is Guwahati which is in Assam state. There is no railway station in Shillong and Guwahati is 80 to 85 km from Shillong. So book your ticket to Guwahati from any other city of India depending upon the availability of the train.
  2. Airplane:
    Fortunately, the capital city of Meghalaya has its own airport with code “SHL” stands for Shillong. But, only domestic flights are available from Shillong airport. It is 30 km away from Shillong city in Meghalaya. To reduce some cost of your trip you can directly book your ticket to Guwahati Airport.

From Guwahati to Shillong

  • Bus: bus facility of Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) is Available to Shillong which costs you 200Rs/person. You can book your ticket online from any booking platform or reach to their stand for offline bookings.
  • Sumo: Tata sumo is available from Guwahati which costs you around 200Rs/person up to Shillong.
  • Shared Cab: If you want little more comfort and less crowd then book a shared cab which costs you 400Rs/seat and there are 4 seats available in the cab
  • Personal Cab: One of the best ways to travel to Shillong is through a personal cab. If you are traveling with your family and friends then book this cab and it will costs you 1500/cab. Cabs are available from the railway station only. You will see many cab drivers shouting or asking you to travel through their cab.

What is the best way to explore Meghalaya?

Although there are countless ways to explore the scenic beauty of Meghalaya and whatever method you will choose, one week would be enough to explore all the main tourist attractions or must-visit places in Meghalaya.

If your budget is low or maybe you are traveling solo then here I will tell you an economical way which would surely help you in your journey to explore Meghalaya.

The whole state of Meghalaya or the main attractions has been divided into 5 areas, these areas will assist you to explore Meghalaya in 5 days and that would be nearly one week if we add the arrival and departure days also.

Each of the 5 areas contains different types of tourist attractions and viewpoints. The cost would not be very high and you can cover all the must-visit places of Meghalaya in less than Rs 2500 with an included guide and excluded food & stay.

I am providing you detailed Itinerary of the Meghalaya tourist Information center of visiting different places below. Their office is located in Police Bazaar, Vishal Mega mart road, Opposite to bus stand. The cost of the transports is written on below table for your reference. Also, you can visit their website for more information
Website: megtourism.gov.in
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/fA3NeCfWsf5bDDVt6

1. Sohra (Cherrapunji)

Total KM: 145 (both ways) Departure: 8:00 AM, Return: 4:30 PM (FARE PER PERSON)

15/18/27/31 Seater normal Deluxe-Bus: Rs 350 per person

Any cars on a reserve basis.

NoPlaces Covered
1Mawkdok Dympep Valley Viewpoint
2Eco Park (Missing falls) at lunchtime
3Maw-Smai stalactites-Stalacmite cave
4Motpalong view of Bangladesh
5Thangkharang park / Wahakaba falls
6Ramakrishna Mission Museum
7Noh-Ka-Li-Kai Waterfalls (The Highest waterfall of India)
8Seven Sister Falls (Noh Sngi Thiang)

Total KM: 86 (both ways) Departure: 8:00 AM, Return: 2:30 PM (FARE PER PERSON)

By Bus (Normal Bus): Rs 300 per person & No Lunch Break

Any cars on a reserve basis

1Ward's Lake (Tuesday closed)
2Lady Hydrary park (Monday Closed)
3Cathedral Church Lait-Um-Khrah
4State Museum (Saturday & Sunday closed)
5Golf Course (18 Holes) Gleneagle of the east
6Elephant Waterfalls
7Shillong Peak Viewpoint (Wednesday closed)
8Umiam Lake (Barapani)

3. Dawaki & Mawlynnong (Cleanest Village in Asia)

Total KM: 230 (both ways) Departure: 8:00 AM, Return: 7 PM (FARE PER PERSON)

By Bus (Normal Bus): Rs 500 per person

Any cars on a reserve basis

1Canyon Rngain Valley Viewpoint
2Riwai Living Root-Bridge (Single Root-Bridge)
3Mawlynnong Village (Lunch Break)
4Dawki, Bangladesh Border
5Umngot river

4. Mawsynram (Wettest Place on earth)

Total KM: 180 (both ways) Departure: 8:30 AM, Return: 4:30 PM (FARE PER PERSON)

By Bus (Deluxe Bus): Rs 500 per person

Any cars on a reserve basis

1Mawjymbuin cave (Shivling)
2Ritmawksir Viewpoint (Mawphlong Sacred Forest)
3Khreng Khreng Viewpoint
4Jakrem Hot Spring

5. Nartiang

Total KM: 150 (both ways) Departure: 8:30 AM, Return: 4:30 PM (FARE PER PERSON)

By Bus (Deluxe Bus): Rs 500 per person

Any cars on a reserve basis

1Religious Monolith Park
2Durga Mandir (13th Century Summer Palace)
3Shiv mandir (created in 13th century)
4Thadlaskein Lake & Resort (Legend of Sajar Nangli)

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